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Barclays credit card login & Details

I hope this article will help you to successfully complete "Barclays credit card login". Control your finances online from your computer or mobile. Your Barclays credit card login allows you to manage your Visa or Mastercard online from anywhere. You can login to your Barclays credit card account from the following countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Spain
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In order to use you Barclays card login, first go to barclaycard.com. By default the site should be able to detect your location from the device you are trying to login from. If not, in the top right hand corner of barclaycard.com look for the drop down menu. The menu will say login. Click or tap the menu and a drop down will appear. This will give you a list of countries you are wanting to sign in from. Select the country your Barclays credit card login was issued in and then click login.
Barclays Credit Card Login
You will then be taken to a second page where you will need to enter your username. This was selected when you created your credit card login to Barclays. At this point, if you do not have a Barclays card login you can create one as long as you are a credit card holder. Enter your username or ID and your password and click continue. After you do this you should be logged in if you entered the correct information. You can also tick the checkbox if you would like Barklays to remember your user name. This is not recommended if you are trying to sign in from a non private location or device.

credit card login for barclays form 

Forgot Your Barclays Credit Card Login Or Passcode?

Usernames and passcodes are easy to forget. If you need to recover your Barklays credit card or passcode and have your credit card, you will be able to get back in to your credit card account in no time. Follow these few steps to get back up and running.

Recover Barclays Card Username Or ID Number

barclays forgot credit card login username or id form
In order to recover your username or ID number associated with your Barklays credit card account you will need to have your card number. Before you do anything, make sure your credit card is available to you.
Our next step will be to select the ‘Forgotten your username or ID number’ link on the Barklays credit card login page. You will then be taken to a second page where you will need to enter your credit card number and your passcode. Then click continue. For security reasons you will be asked a few questions to make sure the account really belongs to you and someone else is not trying to get access to your account.

Recover Your Passcode

barclays forgot credit card login passcode recovery form
If you have forgotten your passcode to your Barclays credit account you can recover this as well. From the Barclays credit card login form click the ‘Forgotten your passcode’ link. The passcode recovery form will appear. You will need to enter your card number, your card security code, your credit card expiry date and finally your date of birth. Once again you will be taken to a 2nd page with a few more security questions to answer for your security.
If your information is correct, you will be able to use your Barclays card login.

How to Contact Barclays

For additional questions, you can contact Barclays by going to http://www.barclaycard.co.uk/personal/contact-us. Contact options include phone, instant message, video for sign language and email.

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