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Shiloh 2016 Live Broadcast – Watch Shiloh 2016 Live

Shiloh 2016 Winners Chapel Live Broadcast – Very regular visitors will agree that we've never made publications on the event Shiloh, but today being the 8th December, two days after the long awaited day for the start of Shiloh 2016, publicizing this great event the Shiloh 2016 live stream to help everyone who can’t make it to Shiloh 2016 to come to the understanding about what shiloh actually is.

Shiloh 2016 Live Broadcast

You might want to know, what is Shiloh? Shiloh is an annual prayer convention of the Living Faith Church popularly known as the Winners Chapel and is held at Canaan Land in Ota, Ogun between December 8 and 12th respectively.

Thousands of people troop in from around Nigeria and the world usually, putting all other activities  on hold to participate in this convention. These thousands cause significant traffic congestion experienced in Lagos as a result of the program.

Excerpts from Shiloh 2015

About one million worshipers were in attendance and duely participated in this life changing convention at various local churches where it was televised across the globe. Daddy Oyedepo announced plans to start the construction and building of the Faith Theate, a 100,000 Seater auditorium. The auditorium is due to occupy  about 1,000 acres of land in the renown Ota, Ogun State. According to the Bishop, the project should be done in no time.

Prophesies went up the air for our dear country and her surrounding nations. Bishop Oyedepo announced that in no time, Nigeria  and many other African nations would be listed among some of the top nations of the world, mind blowing right? You might want to say Amen to that!

The 2015 theme of Shiloh was `From Glory to Glory’, where miracles were happening everywhere in the congregation. An eye catching miracle was claimed by an eyewitness to have happened at the grounds during the convention, on the spot, a creative miracle happened and a woman with breast issues was totally healed and restored. The irregular size became normal and totally healed.

Senior Pastor and Vice President of the Living Faith Church, aka Winners Chapel, Bishop David Abioye, has warned that  the annual Shiloh is not a church programme but a divine mandate and guidance given to him by God, the cleric said this was why it kept flourishing and attracting people since its inception in 1999. According to Bishop Oyedepo, the attendance at Shiloh has never dropped since its inception because it is a clear direction God gave to his servant.

Bishop Abioye spoke a few hours sessions of Shiloh, before the General Overseer of Living Faith Church Pastor David Oyedepo declared it open. Shiloh 2015 became the 17th version of this phenomenal event Shiloh since it was established over 17 years ago by God’s ordinance and direction according to the very Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo. It was a gathering to remember as over millions of people worldwide stormed the renown Canaanland, Ota for restoration and healing.

Excerpts from Exceeding Grace

At the Exceeding grace era, Bishop Abioye speaking at the said the church was flourishing because it had listened to the voice of God. He stated that “It is in doing the commands of God that makes a man a commander and in being led by Him that makes a man a leader,”.

The cleric expressed further delight in the voice of God being confirmed and said further that the theme for that year which was all-round sufficiency, adding that nothing else in this life and in the scriptures could be as sufficient as God’s grace.

Bishop Abioye said: 

“There is nothing else any man has that he does not want more. Not money, houses, cars, position and other worldly things can a man have that he would not want more, but the grace of God". He defined Grace as meaning perfect strength made in weakness.” Reading 2 Corinthians 12:19, the Bishop explained that human beings should know it is God's grace when it is directly unexplained and undeniable from our Creator. He spoke faith into the hearts of many urging all to articulate their desires and expectations of dominion during the said event.

The Canaan auditorium was packed, filled to capacity with delegates from across the world. Sources have confirmed that about 44 nations were represented and in attendance, from countries
like Germany ,Belgium, Philipiness, France, Mexico, and Spain to the United Kingdom and United States.  In attendance were Pastor David Oyedepo (jnr) and Pastor Isaac Oyedepo, European head of Living Faith Churches  from Johannesburg  South Africa.

Shiloh 2016 live

Shiloh 2016 Live Broadcast
All over the world, all eyes and hearts will be on shiloh 2016, With two days of the program already, miracles and testimonies are already up in the air and i'd implore you all to be part of this great event. You can watch live stream from different sites online because for sure,  miracles are bound to take place. Whatever be the challenge or issue of life currently, be it marital, financial or spiritual , no matter what seems to be overtaking you now , your solutions will reach you as you endeavor to partake in shiloh 2016. Shiloh 2016 has been tagged “My Case Is Different”. The declaration was released at the pre-shiloh 2016 service by very Bishop David Oyedepo and Vice Presiden of the Living Faith Church.  During the release of this theme and a release of prophetic declarations for Shiloh 2016, miracles started happening already. These declarations were received by the congregation with faith as the Bishop released some scriptural references to buttress the theme for Shiloh 2016 . 

Bishop Oyedepo clearly stated that the inspiration for the theme was taken from  the scriptures, book of Genesis 47 vs 15-27 and explained that God exempted the Israelites from the holocaust of the day, so shall you receive a prophetic seal of exemption at shiloh 2016.

Prophetic Declaration at the Pre-Shiloh 2016 Service

“I’m ordained to by God to be exempted from the terror of darkness of this day

I am rising as a great Army, to take my place in spite of the darkness and gloominess

No matter the economic situation, I am exempted because i am part of God’s exemption plan.

I am exempted from all kinds of plagues that shall be visiting the earth

The works of my hands are exempted from collapse or ruins

God’s guiding light shall be my light

My house and i shall be exempted from the plagues of death. A seal of exemption shall be place on our foreheads "
If you are going to be missing this experience, you should keep up with this site as we;ll bring you updates of the event as it happens Live from Canaan City, Ota.
Maybe you never had the chance to read the initial review and publication on Shiloh 2015 and the Exceeding grace Era, you can scroll up this page to go through this review and you will get the full details of shiloh 2015 and the Exeeding Grace Era.

Watch Shiloh 2016

Watch Shiloh 2016 Live

Shiloh 2016 Live Broadcast


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