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Oge Okoye Biography - Marriage and Personal Life

Oge Okoye

Oge Okoye

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Background and Introduction

Who is Oge Okoye? Oge is popular Nigerian actress who has been active in the movie industry for over 18 years now, Oge is a known face in most of the thrilling movies in the industry.
  • Birth name: Oge Okoye
  • Born: November 16, 1980
  • Best known for : Acting
  • Status : Divorced
  • A native of: Nnewi in Anambra State

Early Life

Oge was born in London to family of Late Mazi Okoye and Lolo Okoye, both were known to be devout Anglicans. Mr and Mrs Okeye have known to teach Oge virtues of honesty, courage, fear of God and  sincerity. Oge, born under the star sign Scorpio, had early education in pre-primary level partly in London, the University Primary School Enugu and at the Holy Rosary College, Enugu.

In school, Oge engaged herself in a couple of theatrical activities, which got the eye of alot of her teachers as they lauded her, saying she had a career going for herself and will definitely do well if she went into entertainment. After her education (primary and post-primary), Oge gained admissions into the renown Nnamdi Azikiwe University Akwa, Anambra State where she finished off four years later with a degree in Theatre Arts. According the Oge, It was during her first year in the University that the inspiration really came to become an actress. She then decided to follow her urge to become an actress...

In Oge's words...

"I began acting when I was in the university precisely in my first year in school. That was exactly when I did the job 'One Dollar' after which I did 'Spanner' and then 'Sister Mary'. But indulged in little dramas back in those days. So when I grew up and found myself studying theatre arts, I just myself going into acting. I was very much opportuned to find a platform as soon as I made my intention known to a few people who knew that my passion for acting was boundless."

When she has the intention to go into acting, she didn't really have the connection to go into although she had always encouraged her to go for a few auditions. Finally, she made her decision and decided to go for one and she was lucky to have been given a role. Although it was a sub lead role but she started off. After the shoot, she was encouraged by the director and the producers who predicted that she would go far once she put her mind to it and work hard. After that movie, oge started getting offers. "I am sure I handled my role in my debut performance well, because if I didn't do it so well, am not sure anyone would have called me up for another job." She said.
Then came pressure from Oge's dad, he wanted his doctor to become a Medical Doctor, a surgeon specifically so she would grow up to save lives. Oge confirmed, "My dad is the strict type, you can't try to mess around with him". He really had a certain opinion and mindset about acting because of the negative image actors portrayed back then. She added that it's very much sad that he is not around to see the height I have attained so far. He died as soon as I started acting full time but he knew that my dream was to act."

Lolo Okoye now resides in Spain. On the account of becoming an actress, her never had any objection whatsoever. She had no objection whatsoever. In oge's words: "My mum has always been with me, she always been supportive on every side to push me to any level I'd love to reach. Since am the only child, i get all their attention so all the pampering has been there. I mean she is not that surprised at the things I've achieved so far because she reads of the exploits and she is very much happy what I've grown to become."

Personal Life and Career

 After the major outing in 'One Dollar', producers sought and engaged Oge. Several script writers and directors wanted Oge on their set as they all seemed to be in agreement that Oge was a good center to hang a story on. As of today, Oge is known to have featured in over 50 movies with a dozen others at various stages of post-production.

Asked about those who have inspired her in the industry her, Oge said: "that they are legion". But the actress gave a list, to mention a few, the names include
Liz Benson, Hollywood actress Julia Roberts, Nigeria's Taiwo Ajai Lycett and the veteran actor 'Uncle' Olu Jacobs as actors that have been tremendous influence on her career. "I love Uncle Olu Jacobs, He's  more like a father to me. He constantly talks to me time and time again on how to become better, She said. 

According to Oge, she has no regrets engaging the movie industry, the actress confirms that it has been worth the while and adds that she's always full of joy each time fans cheer at her and each time supporters stop her on the streets to appreciate what she described as her 'little effort' on the screen. Oge stated "I am happy every time they appreciate me. And i really don't feel that I have arrived yet though as i still have lots of ground to cover.

In a recent interview, when asked about her exploits in fashion, Oge revealed alot. The actress explained, for perfumes? i go for designers like Angels and Obsession. Jewelry ? I prefer gold as i hardly put on gels because am prone to burns on my neckline. I'm not too much into make-up thing, i only make up when I am on set and all. Food ? I like Semovita and Edikanikong Soup. I can delay a shooting session when i'am battling with a plate of Semovita and Edikainkong soup. For music, I really love rhythm and blues. I love listening to Tuface Idibia and Lagbaja.

Marriage and Personal Life

Reports by Enquirer Magazine alleged that alleged that Nollywood actress Oge Okoye has moved out of her marital home to settle with her wealthy new lover as at March 18,2015.  
Oge, the mother of two who’s been living in denial about her current marital status even though multiple reports  suggest that her marriage has crashed, is in love again! 

Unknown to many, Oge Okoye’s first marriage to Holland's Stanley Duru, which produced two kids had packed up sometime ago due to irreconcilable differences.

The very pretty actress, according to sources has long gotten over her past as she’s said to be in a serious relationship currently that might be altar bound after years of trying to fix things and push the old phase out of her life. Sources have confirmed that Oge Okoye’s new man w is a very tall and athletic built business tycoon who is from the Eastern part of country."

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Oge Okoye and her two kids

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