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Monday, November 7, 2016

How to Use Lemon to get rid of Knee Pain at Home

How to Use Lemon to get rid of Knee Pain at Home: Knee pain is a very common medical condition that occurs due to constant wear and tear of the knee joint. It can be experienced by older adults, young adults, and children. Women are more vulnerable to knee pain than men.

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 How to Use Lemon to get rid of Knee Pain at Home

How to Use Lemon to get rid of Knee Pain at Home

The exact location of the knee pain can vary. Pain can originate in any of the bony structures compromising the knee joint (femur, tibia, and fibula), the kneecap (patella) or the ligaments and cartilage (meniscus).
Knee pain can be localized or diffuse throughout the knee. Also, the severity of pain can vary from a minor ache to severe and disabling pain.
This remedy we have for you is natural and will remove the pain fast!

Sesame oil
1-2 lemons

Take the lemons and cut them In small chunks and then prepare some cotton cloth or parchment. Tie the chunks in this and also dip the cloth in the sesame oil. Put this on the knee for 10 minutes to stay. Do it 2 times per day and the pain will disappear.
Also, have lemon juice for drinking in a glass of lukewarm water every morning to improve overall health and BEFORE breakfast!


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