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Learn How to Check Your First Bank Account Balance Through SMS

Learn How to Check Your First Bank Account Balance Through SMS: A new age has come in Nigeria Banking Sector as all Banks in Nigeria are busy rolling out different kind of technology and improvements to make sure they are able to stay competitive in the  economy. Do you know that you can check your first bank account balance through SMS ??  Continue reading
How to Check Your First Bank Account Balance Through SMS
First Bank of Nigeria Ltd are doing all within her power to remain relevant in Nigeria banking world and in the same quest First Bank of Nigeria Ltd has designed a new service called First Bank’s SMS banking . This service is design to give all First Bank customers the luxury to be able to access their financial information in connection with the ability to perform other form of financial transactions via SMS . This innovation is to cut down the prevailing level of stress customers encounter while banking and to make banking faster, safer and smarter .

Performing this transactions is quite easy and it is done via SMS by using codes on your phone. To initiate this transaction , you are to send a command in form of request using some codified numbers . With the simple manipulation of this codes customers can be able to access their accounts like your transaction for a given time or period as well as requesting for your account balance and what have you.

How To Get These Information's
Specific number Of Months Statement   => STMT#ACCT NO#N
Account Statement (Last 6 Months)   => STMT#ACCT NO
Balance Enquiry   =>  BAL#ACCT NO
Last 5 Transactions   => LAST5#ACCT NO

Send These codes to 08076664444 and you will get a reply immediately

Henceforth, you don’t have to always visit the bank or ATM machine all you need do is just TEXT.

First Bank is truly the first …..

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