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How to Sign up on Okcupid.com

Finding true love or lasting relationship these days is not an easy task . We will make sure we do our own little part in this quest by giving our readers the necessary hint on how to find real true love online. Okcupid.com  has helped in reconnecting millions of person with their respective partners.
How to Sign up on Okcupid.com
Okcupid.com is one of the largest , widest free online dating community that has helped millions of it users connect with people online for relationship that leads to marriage . On Okcupid.com there is no age discriminations that is to say that both old and young people are welcome on the dating site .

For those of us getting to know this free online dating site (Okcupid.com) for the very first time and are yet to know what the site is all about , we are going to take out time to teach you step-by-step on how to sign up for okcupid.com . This process is also known as registration, Sign Up ,Sign in, Login .

Okcupid.com is a technology that design to make life easier and comfortable for people . Okcupid registration can be done on android phones, personal computer(Pc) and it also has app for phone as well . After your registration sign up , you can now use your new account to find best matches on the site , you can search for singles , widow, widower as the case may be and related searches will be served immediately .

How to Sign Up/Register for OkCupid.com

To create an OkCupid.com follow the below steps, they are not much though .

1==> Go to OkCupid official website at www.okcupid.com

2==> In the homepage ,you will see a drop down menu where you are to make selection of your gender ….that is select Male or female or any other option you find there

3==> After making the selection then Click “Continue”.

4==> Provide your date of birth .

5==> Make selection of your country , incase there is no option manually type in the name of the country .

6==> Type in your country zip code, follow by your email address which is very important

7==> You will be require to Confirm your email address , After confirming then hit “Next”.

8==> Provide your  username ( This name is what Okcupid.com will recognise you with .

9==> Lastly , enter a password for your Okcupid account. Make sure this password is strong and make sure you can easily remember it anytime so that you won’t lose access to your Okcupid account . After you have done this all then you should hit “Done!”.

How to Login/Sign In Your Okcupid Online After Registration

After filling your online form , you can now login/sign into your Okcupid account because you are now a member . All you need to be able to sign into your new Okcupid.com account is your user username (ID) and password . Input your username in the appropriate box and password in the right box and click “sign in".

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