Saturday, June 18, 2016

Croatia face UEFA action after fans throw flares on pitch

Croatia face disciplinary action from UEFA after their fans threw flares on to the pitch during their Euro 2016 clash with Czech Republic.

 As part of an organised protest against their own FA, Croatia fans temporarily halted play by throwing flares and firecrackers on to the pitch 

. With Croatia leading the match 2-1, play was temporarily suspended in the second half after fans began throwing flares towards the corner of the pitch as part of an organised protest against their Football Association.

Firecrackers were also thrown, with one exploding in a steward's hand as he attempted to remove it from the pitch.

Croatia fans also began fighting amongst each other as stewards attempted to remove the flares, while players went over to the section of the group to plead with supporters.

After a break in play, referee Mark Clattenburg resumed the game and Czech Republic, who had struggled to compete with Croatia for the majority of the match, went on to score an equaliser.


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