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Saturday, April 23, 2016

How to Migrate From Visafone to MTN Network - Re: MTN has acquired Visafone

If you are looking forward to migrating from visafone to MTN -- This is how to migrate from Visafone to MTN in order for you to enjoy the unlimited services provided by MTN.
Migrate from Visafone to MTN
Note: MTN has acquired Visafone telecommunication network (hope am not just breaking the news). This is more than 2 months or so...since MTN acquired Visafone. Hence, the need for Visafone users to migrate to MTN fully.
There are some basic rudiments that you should fulfill in your quest to Migrating to MTN network. These are the things which this article is intended to focus on.

Requirement Before Migrating from Visafone to MTN

  •   Completely fill the Migration form (to be provided to customer on visit).
  • An active VISAFONE MSISDN.
  • Three (3) frequently dialled numbers.
  • A Valid ID card – International Passport (Data Page), Driver’s license, National ID, Voters Card, etc.
  • VISAFONE SIM or Starter Pack/kits (Optional).
  • Last recharge and activation date (optional).

Importance Of Migrating from Viafone to MTN?

why is it important? these are the reasons why you should migrate from Visafone to MTN

  • You will now have access to use your Visafone line wherever MTN network is available.
  • Access to over 160 million MTN customers.
  • Expanded access to MTN wide roaming partnership.
  • You will retain your MSISDN and Tariff plans.
  • You will have access to be served at all the over 400 MTN service touch point nationwide

MTN Buys Visafone / MTN Acquires Visafone

As MTN buys Visafone / MTN acquires Visafone - I want to believe that they have a greater dream before acquiring it. We are yet to see how it will turn out to be. Meanwhile, you should go ahead and migrate your Visafone line to MTN ASAP to experience the new network. If you have succeeded in migrating, please share your experiences with us. We love comments. 

Happy Migration! If you have question as in regards to this publication, don not fail to let us know through the comment section.

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