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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Paul Okoye Current Net-Worth - (P-Square)

Today, we will be seeing one of the Psquares Net worth "Paul Okoye" in particular. The question now going on now is Peter and Paul who is more richer? So we start with Paul Okoye and subsequently, we will review Peter Okoye's Net-Worth.
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Paul Okoye Net-Worth
Before now the duo are known as the richest artist in Nigeria and maybe in the whole Africa. But now you have to talk about Paul Okoye Net-Worth and peter Okoye net-worth separately.

In 2015 their combined net worth was about $110 million (N22 billion). And this was the reason why they were buying luxury real estate properties around the globe. But the case is different now they have gone separate ways.

Following P-Square separation, their individual net-worth can now be compared. Though some arguments have been going on among Nigerians that their large house in Banana Island, Lagos that’s worth N500 million ($2.5 million) P-Square villa is still a family home.

Paul Okoye Net worth is coming soon because they are yet to finish their total separation.

The question about who is richer among Peter okoye and Paul okoye is one big question which the whole world needs to come together and answer. But considering their individual endorsement peter is by far away richer than Paul.

You can recall that peter was recently endorsed by Adidas AG which is a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories.

And he is also the owner and initiator of popular TV show Dance with Peters sponsored by Globacom limited.


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