Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Most Food Eaten in Nigeria

Ø  Akara is served with pap (ogi or akamu). Akara is made from soaked pealed beans which is then blended into a thick paste and fried. 
Akara and pap

Ø  Bread smeared with butter or margarine, severed with fried, scrambled or boiled egg and a cup of tea.
Bread smeared with fried egg

Ø  Moi-moi and bread or pap with a bowl of fresh fruits.
Moi-Moi and Bread

Ø  Fried Ripe Plantain (Dodo) Served with boiled or fried egg and a glass of juice.
Fried Ripe Plantain and Fried Egg


Ø  Boiled Yam and Green plantain served with nice pepper soup and fresh fish.

 Most Food Eaten in Nigeria

Ø  Boiled Yam served with scrambled or friend egg or omelet. You can substitute potato for yam.
Boiled Yam served with fried Egg

Ø  Boiled Rice and Stew severed with a glass of juice
Boiled Rice and Stew


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