Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Before Marriage & Before you Fall In-Love, Ponder on these!

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1. Never fall for his height without checking his heart. There’s no point in good looking when he’s horrible at heart.
Before Marriage & Before you Fall In-Love, Ponder on these!

2. Where a man is going is far better than where he stands in life.

3. Age has nothing to do with maturity, growing old and growing up is never the same. Dating older guys doesn’t guarantee anything in a relationship. There’s no age set to be wise or foolish in life. But if he’s not wise at 40 he might a fool for life.

4. If he is GOD fearing you are good to go.

5. If He’s not meant for YOU he can NEVER be for YOU.

6. Never search for a man without praying to GOD.

7. Never date a guy forever. If a relationship is not going to work. Don’t be the last person to leave.

8. Whoever is used to freedom will surely hate control. Men love freedom while women love attention. Never deprive a man of his freedom. Give him his space and never choke him. The reason why many men are afraid of commitment is because they are afraid of a woman who is very possessive during courtship or dating which he thinks can make his life miserable when he finally settles down with her.

9. Marriage is not a career while relationship is not a job. No man wants a liability. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you look, do something with your life. Marriage doesn’t mean your life has to stop.

10. When you rely on a man for everything, be ready to accept anything he throws at you. Be financially independent. Decision making can be very difficult if your man is your only source of income in life. Many women are stuck in miserable situations because they are relying on their man for everything in life.



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