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Afang Soup/Okazi Soup Delicacy: Preparation, Recipe & Pictures

Afang Soup also called Okazi soup is a special delicacy of the Ibibios/Efiks in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State of Nigeria respectively. It is prepared from shredded afang/okazi leaves, "water leaf" (Talinum triangulare) and an assorted selection of smoked fish, stock fish, meat and crayfish.

Served with fufu, gari, or pounded yam, it is a truly delicious authentic African food. Affang soup is the Ibibio version of Okasi in the Eastern Nigeria ( Igbo's).

Okazi Soup Delicacy Preparation, Recipe & Pictures
Okazi Afang Soup is a tasty dish from Southern Nigeria specifically Cross River and Akwa Ibom States. Consisting of basically vegetables, this soup is rich in Vitamins, Protein and fibre.

Affang Soup Delicacy Preparation, Recipe & Pictures


4cups Afang Okazi leaves, pounded
600g Waterleaf or Spinach
1kg Meat/Chicken/Goatmeat
Rich meat stock
300g softened Stockfish
Dried Fish
 200g Kpomo
4 cups Perewinkle
 6 Chilli Pepper
1 cup Crayfish, ground
2 Seasoning cubes to taste
2 cups Palm Oil
1 Onion bulb
Affang Okazi Soup Delicacy Preparation, Recipe & Pictures

When the meat is soft, add the stockfish, dried fish and kpomo
Cook till you have about one cup of stock water in the pot
Add the waterleaf and cook for about 3minutes
Stir then add the Afang leaves, crayfish and the palm oil
Cook for about 5minutes then add Maggi Cubes and Pepper
Add salt to taste
Okazi Affang Soup
Okazi Affang Soup

Nutritional Value of Afang Okazi Soup

The Afang leaf itself serves as a dietary fiber which helps in proper digestion. It gives a bulk feeling, vital for a good weight control diet. It also contains Vitamin A (from the palm oil used), Vitamin E, C and potassium, iron and calcium.

These are essential ingredients for good eye site, fresh and youthful skin, strong bones, good heart function and general good health and immunity.

This soup, like all other African food soups, is highly nutritious, since it contains a copious blend of vegetables, fish and or meat, along with needed lipids, minerals and vitamins.

Affang or Okazi Soup can be served with Garri (Eba), Semolina Fufu, Amala, Cassava Fufu or Pounded Yam.

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