Monday, April 17, 2017

Wapdam - How to Download Free Music Videos to Your Phone Via Wapdam.Com

There are so many websites to download free Music Videos of your choice if you are a Music lover, but visiting the right website to download Music Videos will not only save you stress and time but will also save you handsome amount of data, since data subscription plans are very expensive in Nigeria and even in some other countries and territories which in turn, means you have to spend your data wisely.

Wapdam download free


Just because of the fact that I'm a Music lover, many of my friends and colleagues are always surprised whenever they see the latest Music Videos on my Smartphone and that's why I'm writing this post, to enable others who also like to download Music Videos on their Phones easily without facing any trouble. The website I always use to download Music Videos is Wapdam, few reasons why I use Wapdam is because of its easy accessibility & navigation, low file size with high video quality and so on. Without any further ado, the following procedure will teach you how to get any of the latest and newest Music Videos you like on your Phone within few seconds or minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.

Note - This Procedure must be followed on your Phone, not on your PC Browser because navigating to Wapdam on a PC will automatically redirect you to the PC version, which will not allow you to download anything at all.

==> Visit Wapdam and Click on 'Videos'

==> Now, a long list of Video types will be listed just as shown below. Just click on 'Music Clips'

==> A page similar to the one in the screenshot below will be displayed, where you can choose from New Music Videos, Most Downloaded, RnB, Hip Hop, Rap, Nigeria Special, Pop etc.

==> The option you click among those mentioned above will determine what will be displayed here. I love Pop music and I clicked on it, that's why we have the screenshot below. For example, lets assume we want to download Shakira ft Rihanna - Can't Remember to Forget You Music Video.

==> The Shakira ft Rihanna - Cant Remember to Forget You Music Video which I clicked listed a page with the download types available, ranging from super quality which has a file size of 10818KB (10MB) to low quality which has a file size of 3023KB (3MB). Just click on anyone that suits you most and the video will be downloaded to your phone in few minutes (depending on your Data speed)

Note - You can use the Search box on the website to search for a Music Video directly instead of looking for it all around, it will save you time & stress.

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