Thursday, August 6, 2015

Day I got turned-on after kissing a guy on set – Ginika Maureen

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Ginika Maureen hasn’t really achieved the superstar status in Nollywood, but she is coming along just fine. The Imo State University graduate of philosophy, who isn’t afraid to take on any role provided she doesn’t have to go in her birthday suit, has done a couple of films, which have at least put her on the map.

Ginika Maureen
Ginika Maureen says the issue of sex for role isn’t trendy any more in Nollywood. What is trendy now, according to her, is actors paying directors to have their faces in a movie. The slim Isiala Mbano girl says the situation is so bad that the real talented ones are now being conpromised

“It has been so hard for me. The challenges are so much. Now you have to have money,  bleach your skin and own a car before some producers or directors can give you a role”, she told Potpourri.

But Ginika believes it is her talent that is seeing her through. “I interpret my roles to the best of my own ability, most times my directors are  impressed. I can even take on sex scenes if I am well paid”, she said.

Ginika Maureen even revealed to Potpourri that there was a day she was sexually turned on kissing a guy on set. “Yes, I have been sexually stimulated on set before. It was funny but I controlled myself well. We were actually kissing and I felt a sort of stirring for the guy. Of course, I love clean guys and this guy was clean, handsome and a good actor too” she revealed. However she added that she has never dated any actor or any of her fans.

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